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Car and Truck Accidents/Personal Injury Law in West Virginia (WV)

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Car and Truck Accidents in West Virginia (WV)

On the surface, car and truck accidental injuries might seem similar. Another driver makes a mistake, there's a squeal of breaks and shattering glass, and in mere seconds you are left shocked, confused, and suffering from personal injuries. It shouldn't matter when it comes to my case, you might think, whether a truck or any other vehicle/car/SUV caused the accident and personal injuries. Here are just a few ways in which a truck accident is different from a car accident:

1. Trucks (sometimes called "big rigs," semi's, 18 wheelers, or tractor-trailers) weigh considerably more than cars, and can therefore cause considerably more damage, and more serious personal injuries or deaths. While the average American car weighs just over 4,000 pounds, a fully loaded commercial tractor-trailer can weight up to 80,000 pounds. This means that they are harder to slow down, harder to control, and make a much bigger impact when they crash. You are more likely to become seriously injured or die in a truck-related collision.

2. Trucks are not driven by private individuals, but rather by employees. This makes it much more difficult to ascertain who was liable for the accident and whose insurance company should cover the damages. Often one company will hire the driver, another company will own the cab, and a third company will own the trailer and contents. Figuring out whose actions are to blame and who should compensate is very muddled and complicated. Commercial semis are like small rolling businesses - and it can be much harder to go into a legal battle with a company than with an individual.

3. Trucks have large blind spots that can cause serious accidents when the vehicles are turning, backing up, or changing lanes.

4. Trucker and truck operators are subject to a number of strict state and federal regulations. Trucks must be inspected frequently since truck brakes wear out quickly and other mechanical malfunctions are common. Truckers must keep detailed logs and cannot drive for long stretches of time. If you have a knowledgably attorney, you can use this information and evidence to you advantage.

5. Given their occupation, big rig and semi drivers are susceptible to fatigue, prescription drug use, non-prescription drug use, carelessness, and reckless driving. Truck driving can be a high-pressure job with tight deadlines, and the cost of those pressures is often accidents and injuries.

West Virginia (WV) Summary and Facts

Rugged, wild, and wonderful, West Virginia (WV) is a small but industrious state filled with natural wonders and strong people. The population of West Virginia is known for their strong work ethic and unstoppable tenacity, with the history of the coal industry coloring the lives of many. West Virginians enjoy Appalachian music, crafts, and culture as well as white water rafting, hiking, and snow sports in their numerous state and national parks.  

Capitol: Charleston. Other major cities: Huntington, Parkersburg, Morgantown, Wheeling, Beckley, Bluefield, Clarksburg, Elkins, Fairmont, Martinsburg, and Weirton. 

Population: West Virginia (WV) has a population of 1,800,000, with a growth rate of 0.6 percent in the last six years. 

State Slogan: Wild And Wonderful West Virginia.

History: West Virginia is the 35th state in the nation. It split off from Virginia in 1861, after Virginia Seceded from the Union to joint the Confederate states - a messy affair which was completed after two Wheeling Conventions. After reconstruction, the new state discovered an important hidden resource that would go on to fuel the Industrial Revolution and strengthen the nation: coal. After railroads were developed in the area, the industry flourished throughout the century. However, safety issues, working conditions, and other mine-related labor strife, paired with economic issues, have made the coal industry somewhat less prosperous in recent years.

Climate: West Virginia has a mix of a humid subtropical climate and a humid continental climate, depending on the location's position in relation to the mountains. Although higher elevations can see snow, winters are generally mild and summers are generally hot and wet. The states sees more precipitation than almost any other state in the nation.

Major Highways, Interstates, and Roadways in West Virginia (WV)

The major interstate highways in West Virginia (WV) include I-64, I-77, I-81, I-79, I-70, and I-470.

Interstate 64 passes through the cities and towns of Huntington, Charleston, Beckley, and Lewisburg. It intersects with I-77 in Beckly and Charleston, WV. Due to the rough terrain around the Kanawha River in Charleston and South Charleston, the road crosses the river four times in each direction.

Interstate 77 makes up almost two hundred  miles of the West Virginia Turnpike, running through the major towns and cities of Bluefield, Beckly, Charleston, and Parkersburg. It intersects with I-64 twice, and I-79 once. Sections of the interstate are known as the "Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway" and the "Hugh Ike Shott Memorial Highway.

Interstate 81 serves the town of Martinsburg on the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. It only passes through the state for a few miles before continuing on briefly to Maryland and then to Pennsylvania.

Interstate 79 is an north-south interstate that begins in Erie, PA, and ends in Charlestown, WV. In between it shares junctions with I-77, I-68, I-70, I-76, I-80, and I-90. The majority of the roadway is located on the Allegheny Plateau. The road was built between 1967 and 1979. It passes through the West Virginian towns of Bridgeport, Fairmont, Morgantown, Osage, Clarksburg, Weston, Flatwoods, Sutton, Frametown, Anmoore, and Elkview.

Interstate 70 runs from Utah to Maryland, West-East. It was the first of many interstate highway projects the United States started in the 1950s. The highway spends a short but interesting 15 miles in West Virginia, passing trough Wheeling and Ohio County on its way to Pennsylvania. The road crosses the Ohio River, goes through the Wheeling Tunnel, and makes its way up "Two Mile Hill" - a long ascent that is blamed for many of the area's car and truck accidents. 

Interstate 470 overlaps with I-70 as it loops around the city of Wheeling, WV. The only other state the road touches is Ohio, with its western terminus near Blaine. The road goes over the Ohio River by way of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge. Trucks carrying Hazard chemicals use this route instead of I-70, which goes through the Wheeling Tunnel, a danger for such trucks.

The Counties, Cities, and Towns of West Virginia (WV)

Barbour County includes the cities, towns, and communities of Belington, Junior, Philippi, Adaland, Arden, Audra, Bear Mountain, Berryburg, Berryburg Junction, Boulder, Brownton, Calhoun, Carrollton, Century, Century Junction, Claude, Clemtown, Corder Crossing, Corley, Cove Run, Dartmoor, Dent, Elk City, Finegan Ford, Gage, Galloway, Hall, Hiram, Hopewell, Independence, Jones, Kalamazoo, Kasson, Kirt, Lantz, Longview, Mansfield, Meadowville, Meriden, Middle Fork, Moatsville, Mount Liberty, Murphy, Nestorville, Overfield, Peeltree, Pepper, Pleasure Valley, Rangoon, Stringtown, Tacy, Talbott, Tygart Junction, Union, Valley Bend, Valley Furnace, Vannoys Mill, Volga, Weaver Community, Wellington Heights, Werner, and West Junior.

Berkeley County includes the town of Hedgesville and the city of Martinsburg.

Boone County includes the city of Madison as well as the towns of Danville, Sylvester, and Whitesville.

Braxton County includes the towns of Burnsville, Flatwoods, Gassaway, and Sutton.

Brooke County includes the cities, towns, and villages of Beech Bottom, Bethany, Follansbee, Weirton, Wellsburg, and Windsor Heights.

Cabell County includes the cities, towns, and villages of Barboursville, Huntington, Milton, Culloden, Lesage, Ona, Pea Ridge, and Salt Rock.

Calhoun County includes the town of Grantsville and the communities of Adam, Altizer, Annamoriah, Arnoldsburg, Ayers, Beech, Big Springs, Bigbend, Cabot Station, Chloe, Cremo, Dodrill, Douglas, Euclid, Five Forks, Freed, Hathaway, Hattie, Henrietta, Hur, Joker, Leatherbark, Liberty Hill, Millstone, Milo, Minnora, Mount Zion, Mudfork, Nicut, Nobe, Oka, Orma, Pink, Pleasant Hill, Purdy, Rhoda, Richardson, Russet, Stinson, Sycamore, and White Pine.

Clay County includes the town of clay and the communities of Adonijah, Big Otter, Clay Junction, Dille, Floe, Independence, O'Brion, Porter, Sandale, Valley Fork, Whetstone, and Widen.

Doddridge County includes the town of West Union and the communities of Center Point, New Milton, and Smithburg.

Fayette County includes the towns and cities of Ansted, Fayetteville, Gauley Bridge, Meadow Bridge, and Montgomery.

Gilmer County includes the towns and communities of Glenville, Sand Fork, Baldwin, Cedarville, Coxs Mills, Gilmer, Lettergap, Linn, Normantown, Rosedale, Shock, Stouts Mills, Stumpton, Tanner, and Troy.

Grant County includes the towns, cities, and communities of Bayard, Petersburg, Arthur, Bismark, Cabins, Dobbin, Dorcas, Fairfax, Forman, Gormania, Greeland, Henry, Hopeville, Lahmansville, Maysville, Medley, Mount Storm, Old Arthur, Scherr, Williamsport, and Wilsonia.

Greenbrier County
includes the cities and towns of Alderson, Fairlea, Falling Spring, Lewisburg, Neola, Quinwood, Rainelle, Ronceverte, Rupert, Sam Black Church, Smoot, and White Sulphur Springs.

Hampshire County includes the city of Romney, the town of Capon Bridge, and the communities of Augusta, Barnes Mill, Bloomery, Blues Beach, Bubbling Spring, Capon Lake, Capon Springs, Capon Springs Station, Cold Stream, Creekvale, Davis Ford, Delray, Dillons Run, Donaldson, Forks of Cacapon, Frenchburg, Glebe, Good, Grace, Green Spring, Hainesville, Hanging Rock, Higginsville, High View, Hooks Mills, Hoy, Intermont, Jericho, Junction, Kirby, Largent, Lehew, Levels, Little Cacapon, Loom, Mechanicsburg, Millbrook, Millen, Millesons Mill, Neals Run, Nero, North River Mills, Okonoko, Pancake, Pin Oak, Pleasant Dale, Points, Purgitsville, Rada, Raven Rocks, Ridgedale, Rio, Ruckman, Sector, Sedan, Shanks, Shiloh, Slanesville, South Branch Depot, Springfield, Three Churches, Vance, Vanderlip, Wappocomo, Woodrow, and Yellow Spring.

Hancock County includes the cities and communities of Chester, New Cumberland, Weirton, Chestnut Hill, Congo, Fairhaven, Kings Creek, Lawrenceville, Lennyville, Moscow, New Manchester, Newell, and Sun Valley.

Hardy County includes the towns and communities of Moorefield, Wardensville, Arkansas, Baker, Basore, Bass, Baughman Settlement, Bean Settlement, Brake, Cunningham, Durgon, Fisher, Flats, and Fort Run.

Harrison County includes the cities, towns, and communities of Bridgeport, Clarksburg, Salem, Shinnston, Stonewood, Anmoore, Lost Creek, Lumberport, nutter Fort, West Milford, Despard, Enterprise, Arlington, Gypsy, and Jimtown.

Jackson County includes the cities and communities of Ravenwood, Ripley, Advent, Cottageville, Evans, Flatwoods, gay, Given, Independence, Kenna, Kentuck, LeRoy, Wilwood, Mount Alto, Murraysville, Rock Castle, Sandyville, and Sherman.

Jefferson County includes the cities and corporations of Bolivar, Charles Town, Harpers Ferry, Ranson, and Shepherdstown.

Kanawha County includes the cities and towns of Belle, Cedar Grove, Charleston, Chesapeake, Clendenin, Dunbar, East Bank, Glasgow, Handley, Marmet, Montgomery, and Nitro.

Lewis County includes the cities, towns, and communities of Jane Lew, Weston, Aberdeen, Arnold, Berlin, Georgetown, Ireland, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Roanoke.

Lincoln County includes the towns and communities of Hamlin, West Hamlin, Alum Creek, and Harts.

County includes the cities, towns, and communities or Logan, Chapmanville, Man, Mitchell Heights, West Logan, Amherstdale-Robinette, Holden, Mount Gay-Shamrock, and Switzer.

Marion County includes the cities and towns of Fairmont, Mannington, Pleasant Valley, Fairview, Barrackville, Farmington, Grant Town, Monogah, Rivesville, Whitehall, and Worthington.

Marshall County includes the incorporated communities of Benwood, Cameron, Glen Dale, McMerchen, Moundsville, and Wheeling.

Mason County includes the cities and towns of Hartford City, Henderson, Leon, Mason, New Haven, and Point Pleasant.

McDowell County includes the cities and towns of Anawalt, Bradshaw, Davy, Cary, Laeger, Keystone, Kimball, Northfork, War, and Welch.

Mercer County includes the cities and towns of Athens, Bluefield, Bramwell, Lashmeet, Matoaka, Montcalm, Oakvale, and Princeton.

Mineral County includes the towns, cities, and communities of Keyser, Piedmont, Ridgeley, Carpendale, Antioch, Barnum, Beryl, Blaine, Burlington, Champwood, Claysville, Cross, Dans Run, Emoryville, Forge Hill, Fort Ashby, Hampshire, Hartmansville, Headsville, Laurel Dale, Limestone, Markwood, Nethkin, New Creek, Oakmont, Patterson Creek, Reeses Mill, Ridgely, Ridgeville, Rocket Center, Russelldale, Short Gap, Skyline, Sulphur City, Wagoner, and Wiley Ford.

Mingo County includes the cities and towns of Delbarton, Gilbert, Kermit, Matewan, and Williamson.

Monongalia County includes the cities, towns, and areas, of Morgantown, Westover, Blacksville, Granville, Star City, Brookhaven, Cassville, and Cheat Lake.

Monroe County includes the cities and communities of Alderson, Peterstown, Union, Elmhurst, Greenville, Sweet Springs, and Red Sulphur Springs.

Morgan County includes the towns and communities of Bath and Paw Paw.

Nicholas County includes the cities of Richwood and Summersville.

Ohio County includes the villages, cities, and towns of Bethlehem, Clearview, Triadelphia, Valley Grove, West Liberty, and Wheeling.

Pendleton County includes the town of Franklin and the communities of Brandywine, Brushy Run, Cave, Cherry Grove, Circleville, Dahmer, Deer Run, Dry Run, Entry, Fame, Fort Seybert, Harper, Ketterman, Kline, Macksville, Miles, Mitchell, Moatstown, Moyers, Mozer, Oak Flat, Oak Grove, Onego, Propstburg, Riverton, Ruddle, Seneca Rocks, Simoda, Sugar Grove, Teterton, Upper Tract, and Zigler.

Pleasants County includes the communities of Belmont, St. Mary's, Calcuta, Hebron, and Pine Grove.

Pocahontas County includes the towns and communities of Durbin, Hillsboro, Marlinton, Arborvale, Bartow, Buckeye, Cass, Clover Lick, Droop, Dunmore, Frank, Greenbank, Huntersville, Mill Point, Minnehaha Springs, Seebert, Slatyfork, Snowshoe, Stony Bottom, and Warsaw.

Preston County includes the cities and towns of Albright, Brandonville, Bruceton Mills, Kingwood, Masontown, Newburg, Reedsville, Rowlesburg, Terra Alta, and Tunnelton.

Putnam County includes the cities and towns of Bancroft, Buffalo, Eleanor, Hurricane, Nitro, Poca, and Winfield.

Raleigh County includes the cities and towns of Beckley, Lester, Mabscott, Rhodell, and Sophia.

Randolph County includes the cities and towns of Beverly, Elkins, Harman, Huttonsville, Mill Creek, Montrose, and Womelsdorf.

Ritchie County ncludes the cities, towns, and communities of Pennsboro, Auburn, Cairo, Ellenboro, Harrisville, Pullman, Berea, Brohard, Fonzo, Macfarlan, Petroleum, and Smithville.

Roane County includes the towns, cities, and communities of Spencer, Reedy, Amma, Cotton, Elana, Lattimer, Left Hand, Linden, Looneyville, Peniel, and Walton.

Summers County includes the city of Hinton and the communities of Brooks, Elton, Forest Hill, Green Sulphur Springs, Hix, Indian Mills, Nimitz, Pence Springs, Pipestem, Sandstone, Talcott.

Taylor County includes the towns, cities, and communities of Flemington, Grafton, Belgium, Blueville, Astor, Prunytown, Simpson, and Tappan.

Tucker County includes the towns and cities of Davis, Hambleton, Hendricks, Parsons, and Thomas.

Tyler County includes the cities and towns of Akron, Friendly, Middlebourne, Paden City, Shiloh, Sisterville, and Wick.

Upshur County includes the city of Buckhannon.

Wayne County includes the towns and cities of Ceredo, Fort Gay, Huntington, Kenova, Wayne, East Lynn, and Dunlow.

Webster County includes the unincorporated communities of Bergoo, Big Run, Boggs, Bolair, Curtin, Diana, Erbacon, Excelsior, Gauley Mills, Hacker Valley, Halo, Parcoal, Replete, and Upperglade.

Wetzel County includes the towns, cities, and communities of Hundred, New Martinsville, Paden City, Pine Grove, Smithfield, Big Run, Burton, Coburn, Easnshaw, Folsom, Hastings, Jacksonburg, Knob Fork, Littleton, Porters Falls, Proctor, Rockport, Reader, and Wileyville.

Wirt County includes the town of Elizabeth and the communities of Beverdam, Brohard, Burning Springs, Cherry, Creston, Freeport, Greencastle, Munday, Newark, Palestine, and PeeWee.

Wood County includes the cities and towns of North Hills, Parkersburg, Vienna, and Williamstown.

Wyoming County includes the city of Mullens and the towns of Oceana and Pineville.

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Truck Accident Resource Websites

American Trucking Associations
The ATA represents the trucking industry on a national scale.  Their website includes a list of safety hot topics, safety publications, safety statistics, and safety committees.

Truck Safety Coalition
This is a coalition between the Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways (CRASH) Foundation and Parents Against Tired truckers (PATT). It offers truck safety issues, facts and figures, the latest news, and a related newsletter. 

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
CVSA is a not-for-profit organization that promotes commercial truck safety and security. Their website shares news, events, committees, and members information as well as tips and advice on how truck drivers can reduce accident rates.

Institute of Drive Behavior
This site is a collection of safety videos for truck drivers - both new and experienced - aimed at reducing and preventing accidents. 

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
The NHTSA is a government-run website that offers the public the latest news, research, and safety advice in relation to car and truck accident prevention. 

FMCSA's Share the Road Safely Program
This website is run by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and strives to minimize the number of car and truck crashes through educating all drivers and, in the case of accidents that do happen, to minimize the consequences of such collisions. 

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Since 1947, this non-profit organization has funded over 170 research projects designed to discover the causes of traffic accidents.  The website includes traffic safety news, research results, and much more.

US Department of Transportation
The website itself will inform the reader of the latest news, research, tips, programs, and statistics generated by the government agency. 

National Safety Council
This is the nation's leading resource on the development of strategies for advancing safety programs and practices. Their website offers statistics, tips, advice, news, and information related to car and truck accidents.

Insurance Information Institute
This website answers many frequently asked questions concerning car and truck crashes. Learn about choosing the right insurance coverage, filing a claim, and how the entire insurance process works.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety & Highway Loss Data Institute
While IIHS conducts research into the three factors in motor vehicle crashes (humans, their vehicles, and the environment), HLDI publishes insurance loss statistics on cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycle models common in the United States.

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
The website includes a knowledge center, news outlet, and training opportunities.

FMCSA Analysis and Information Online
This website is a vital resource for those seeking track accident statistics.

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