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Overview of the types of cases our Virginia Beach personal injury law firm handle day in and day out.

Our firm specializes in personal injury law. The practice area categories indicate the types of cases we routinely handle. If your case does not specifically fall into one of these categories, it's ok. We may still be able to help you.

Car Accident Injuries

This page focuses on our auto accident injury practice. If you or a loved one was seriously harmed in a car wreck in and around Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake or anywhere else in Virginia, you probably have questions and concerns. The information on this page is meant to help you and was written by our team of experienced Virginia Beach & Norfolk car accident attorneys.

Boat/Watercraft Accidents

This page is written by Virginia Beach & Norfolk boat accident lawyers. It focuses on Virginia boating accident law. This is a common type of injury in our area since our firm is based in Hampton Roads, VA  virtually surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay waterways and inlets, which receives a high volume of boaters and people on personal watercrafts (PWC's) like jet skis, sea-doos, and wave runners. Collisions between boats, water skiing or wakeboarding crashes, running aground, tubing accidents and many other sorts of injuries can and do occur especially at busy times on the waterways of Virginia.  If someone is seriously hurt on the bay, oceanfront, river or lakes and the boat/marine accident was caused by another person's fault, the injured victim should speak to one of our (VA) Virginia boat accident personal injury lawyer right away. 

Brain InjuriesBrain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have life-altering consequences and you need an experienced Virginia brain injury attorney to help you make it through. We obtained a 60 million dollar verdict in a Virginia state court in 2000--in a major Virginia brain injury case.  A head injury or serious concussion can, in some cases, cause one to lose large chunks of memory, to have difficulty thinking or performing basic cognitive functions, and you may even suffer significant personality changes like long-term  depression or irritability. If you suffered a TBI (head injury/closed head injury) in an accident that was caused by another person or company, check out this page to learn what legal options may be available to you.  We know how to work with your medical doctors in order to prove brain injury cases in VA or beyond.

Bus Accident Injuries

Looking for a  Virginia Aviation Accident Attorney to help you with your claim stemming from an accident involving a jet or plane?  These types of aviation accidents can get complicated since you may be dealing with commercial craft and the types of insurance are different. This is where we can help you. Let us haggle with the claims adjusters and insurance companies. You should focus on the healing process. View our mass transit accident page to learn more...including bus and transit injury claims.

Truck Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks can be very complex and you will be up against a big trucking company with well-trained claims adjusters. This is why you should visit this page, and study our info. We explain how to properly file a claim against a trucking company and what you need to watch out for from trucking claims adjusters. The info on the page was written by our team of experienced Virginia Beach & Norfolk truck accident injury lawyers. We have successfully tried and settled truck accident cases involving major injuries, brain injuries, horrlble burns, and even deaths, by locating multiple experts, and we have handled trucking injury case in multiple eastern states. 

Dangerous Drugs & Product Recalls

Hundreds of prescription drugs, medical devices, and faulty products are recalled every year and people suffer horrific side effects as a result of the improper testing and marketing of defective medical and consumer products. If you or a loved one has suffered severe adverse effects from a prescription drug, medical device or faulty product, check out this page to learn what legal options may be available to you. In some instances, the drug or medical companies which produce these dangerous drugs and devices knew about the potential side effects or dangers and simply neglected to tell anyone. This is just plain wrong and we know how to hold these big companies responsible when they harm folks like you with unsafe medicines, defective medical devices or faulty products.  Allow one of our Virginia  FDA Drug Medical Attorneys to assist you with your loss.

Electric Shock Injuries & Electrocution

This page was created for victims of serious electric shock injuries and people who lost a loved one due to a preventable electrocution. 

Medical Malpractice/Doctor Mistakes

This page focuses on our medical malpractice injury practice. Medical malpractice lawsuits are some of the most complex and contentious in the field of personal injury. Our team of Virginia Beach & Norfolk medical malpractice lawyers want to make sure you have information about the applicable statute of limitations, the cap on damages, and the process of filing a claim against a doctor or hospital. That is what this page is for.

Mesothelioma - Asbestos Cancer

This page is focused exclusively on asbestos cancers like mesothelioma. This is an incurable form of cancer and, unfortunately, many workers who were exposed to asbestos during their careers are at risk of eventually developing a life-threatening form of cancer like mesothelioma.

Nursing Home Abuse

This page contains important information related to nursing home abuse and neglect. 

Railroad Injury/FELA

Our law firm has represented numerous railroad workers injured on the job. In fact, we have earned the reputation as a fearless advocate for railroad worker's rights and taking on the big railroad companies. To learn more, check out our free consumer guides - "The Railroad Worker's FELA Rights" and "What Claim Agents Won't Tell You...But You Must Know."

Related Areas:

Serious Injuries - General

This page is filled with in-depth legal articles, blogs, and videos about serious injuries written by top Virginia personal injury attorneys and advises what you can do to ensure you are properly compensated (Amputated limbs, paralysis injuries, Electrocution/electrical shock, crane/forklift/boom injuries, workplace injuries, as well as many other sorts of serious injuries are covered). After you've had a chance to review the information on this page, take a moment to give our office a call at 1-800-752-0042 for a free, no-hassle consultation as to whether we can accept your type of claim. Or, you can fill out the quick contact form on the upper right column of the screen.

Wrongful DeathWrongful Death

Losing a loved one in an accident is one of the most heartbreaking, tragic events anyone has to struggle with. First and foremost, we are very sorry for the loss you have suffered. You may not want to even think about pursuing damages in a wrongful death case, and that's where we come in. Let us take that burden off your shoulders. Our Virginia Beach-Norfolk based Virginia wrongful death attorneys work tirelessly to pursue justice on behalf of your lost loved one.  We have handled railroad, car, truck and medical malpractice cases where negligence caused the death of a child, wife, teenager, or parent.  We have learned a great deal about how to develop evidence to make the loss of life of a family member "speak" to an insurance adjuster, or, if necessary, to a jury.

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