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‘Andrea And Willy's DUI Law’ in WV Now in Effect

Several thousand people die in the US annually due to drunk drivers, and many Americans think that the penalties are not severe enough. In some cases, convicted drunk drivers can escape jail time.

That will not happen in West Virginia now with the new Andrea and Willy’s DUI Law. The new law was passed last week and will ensure that drunk drivers who kill or injure people will have serious consequences.

Two West Virginia families lost children to drunk drivers in 2009 and 2011, respectively, and the new law has been named after them.

The new law increases penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Mandatory jail time and a felony on the criminal record are now required in West Virginia for a drunk driver who kills or maims another person.

The families both hope that the new law will discourage people from driving drunk, and hopefully lives will be saved.

We are experienced drunk driver personal injury attorneys in Virginia and West Virginia. And we know another way to lessen the chances of people driving drunk: We sue them in civil court for damages.

We had a case in Virginia where our client was injured by a drunk driver. His injuries fortunately were not severe and totaled only $1000. However, the drunk driver had an obscene blood alcohol content of .32, and it was his third DUI conviction.

Our client testified that the incident had seriously affected her life and had been traumatized. We made that drunk driver pay $281,000 to our client. Hopefully, that type of large settlement will serve as a stark warning to other drunk drivers.

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