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1 Dead, 2 Injured in Head-On Collision Near Ridgeville, SC

A three-vehicle crash on a narrow bridge through a central South Carolina nature preserve at around 8 am on March 4, 2015, led to the death of a minivan driver and injuries to two passengers in the van. The incident started with a head-on collision between the minivan and a pickup truck on Augusta Highway/Highway 61 through Givhans Ferry State Park in Colleton County. The van also collided with a tow truck that had been traveling in the opposite lane. Neither of the people in the pickup or the wreck sustained injuries in the wreck that occurred near Pierce Road.



Investigators could not immediately determine why the deadly crash occurred south of the town of Ridgeville, SC. Possible explanations include fatigue leading one of the drivers to fall asleep behind the wheel and cross the center line of the two-lane rural highway, as well as distraction caused by using a smartphone or impairment by drugs or alcohol. Regardless of the explanation or which driver is found to be at fault, the fatal outcome represents a tragedy that likely could have been prevented.

Ensuring one is as well-rested as possible before hitting the road is essential for protecting one's own life and health and those of others. Too many people get killed and hospitalized by drivers who proved unable to keep their eyes open and their vehicles under control. Distractions are even easier to avoid. Simply turning off one's phone eliminates the possibility of giving into the temptation to grab and shift one's attention to a buzzing device. Not driving drunk or stoned represents a no-brainer.

Drivers need to make responsible decision and act safely before they even open the car, truck or van door.


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