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1 Dies, 6 Seriously Injured After Pickup Crosses I-95 Median

A 19-year-old GMC pickup driver who wound up on the wrong side of the interstate caused a crash that left one of his passengers dead and a total of six other people hospitalized with serious injuries. The deadly wrong-way collision occurred on I-95 near the Route 54 exit to Ashland in Hanover County, Virginia (VA).



The fatal wreck started on the morning of July 28, 2016, when the at-fault driver ran off the left side of the road and plowed through the median. When he emerged into the northbound lanes of I-95, he struck a Toyota truck. The impact ejected one of the passengers from the out-of-control GMC, and that teenager died at the scene.

Four people in the GMC sustained major injuries, as did two people in the Toyota. The at-fault driver survived and will likely face charges for committing traffic violations, inflicting injuries and causing a death.

Virginia State Police did not release information on why the young man lost control of his pickup truck. Possible explanations include falling asleep at the wheel, becoming distracted by a phone call or passengers, and experiencing a medical emergency. None of those scenarios would excuse the driver from responsibility for hurting so many people and creating the situation that resulted in his passenger's death.

With so many victims appearing to have legitimate claims for personal injuries and a wrongful death to make against the at-fault driver's car insurance policy, it seems unlikely that he will have coverage sufficient to make adequate settlements or court awards. The injured individuals and the family of the teen who lost his life may have recourse to uninsured/underinsured provisions of their own insurance policies. Discussing such options with a caring and knowledgeable Virginia wrongful death attorney would help them decide which legal remedies to pursue.


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