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1 Person Dead in VA Truck Collision

ABC 13 reports that on the morning of Wednesday, January 19th, 2011, a log truck and box truck carrying newspapers collided near Meadville Elementary School in Hallifax, Virginia (VA).

The two vehicles traveling on Route 57 in opposite directions hit each other head on. The impact slammed the box truck into the side of a hill; the log truck slid approximately 50 yards on its side. Logs spilled out all along the road, and the log truck's driver, Carroll White, was pronounced dead at the scene.

State Police are investigating the accident, and a reconstruction team will be assisting to determine its cause.

Our condolences to the family of the deceased truck driver. What a terrible accident, and perhaps one that could have been avoided. Let us hope that police do everything in their power to determine the correct cause of the accident, so that fewer families and loved ones have to lose those they care about in such crashes.

Truck drivers have a special responsibility to act carefully on the road, since they are operating as part of a company, and not as a private citizen. Frequent load checks and rest breaks help keep drivers and their cargo in good shape to travel. Cargo must always be secured before the driver even hits the road. Properly maintained trucks, with regular oil changes and belt replacements, are also safer vehicles.

If you think you may have an accident claim against a trucker, trucking company, or another driver, contact an experienced attorney to discuss your case as soon as possible.


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