A tour bus carrying the Christian music group The Bowling Family rear ended a tractor-trailer on Interstate 85 (I-85) in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (NC). The impact from this collision caused the tractor-trailer to hit the back of a box truck. As a result, 10 people were seriously injured including Mike Bowling, according to wsoctv.com.

 Two of the injured victims were transported to Presbyterian Hospital and eight people were taken to the Carolinas Medical Center.

Many questions need to be answered regarding this bus-truck wreck. First and foremost, what caused the tour bus driver to slam into the back of the tractor trailer, which was stopped in traffic? Was the tour bus driver distracted? A preliminary investigation has been completed, but a full investigation is still underway.

This incident highlights just how devastating an accident involving large vehicles like a truck and a bus can be. Traffic was shut down for hours due to the wreckage and, as mentioned earlier, 10 people suffered serious injuries. No one lost their life, which is very good considering the circumstances, but 10 injuries that could adversely affect the victims for the rest of their lives is indicative of the havoc that can result from mass transit accidents.