10 Teens Hurt in Bus Crash in San Marcos TX

Six students were taken by ambulance to a local hospital yesterday after their school bus was hit by a utility truck. Four other students were taken to another hospital later as well. All of the students suffered minor injuries.

The crash occurred on State Highway 21 near the local airport. The police stated that the utility truck rear ended the bus when it had stopped to let children off.

Witnesses said that they thought initially that some of the teens were seriously injured or killed. One witness said that the children were standing up when the truck rear ended them. ‘Fortunately, no one was ejected or thrown through the windshield,’ one witness said.

The accident is still under investigation.

Our personal injury law firm in Virginia has worked on many car and truck crashes over the years that led to serious injuries and death in some cases. It is very common for both car and truck drivers to not pay close attention behind the wheel. This can lead to tragic consequences.

A recent case in Virginia Beach involved a client who was involved in a serious crash that left him with extensive orthopedic injuries. In that crash, the defendant improperly turned left in front of our client, failing to yield right of way. Our client had to walk with an assistive walker for months after that wreck. It was settled for $1 million.

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