The victims of a 2005 commercial bus crash were awarded $124 million by a jury in El Paso, Texas (TX). The bus wreck killed two people and left five people seriously injured, according to

Evidence at trial revealed that the bus driver was eating while driving and speeding. As a result, the bus slid off the road, flipped over, and hit an embankment.

I’m glad to see the jury sided with the plaintiffs in this case. Based on the evidence, it was apparent that the driver was negligent and the bus company should be held accountable. Our firm understands the challenges associated with these types of mass transit accident cases since you’re dealing with a negligent employee and a big company looking to avoid liability at all costs.

 For example, we handled a case involving a victim who was killed when a tractor-trailer driver attempted to change lanes and clipped the victim’s car causing it to flip over. Even though the evidence clearly established that the tractor-trailer operator was negligent, the truck company stalled for weeks trying to avoid a substantial settlement. Through diligent effort, we were finally able to reach an agreement for a $2.4 million settlement.