Chisolm Trail in Nathalie, Virginia (VA) is a road commonly described as “quiet”, but mayhem was a more appropriate descriptor of the street after a young boy was hit by a car.

The boy’s injuries were so severe that police called in a helicopter to transport him to Roanoke Memorial Hospital, according to

The neighborhood was shaken up by this terrible accident. Kids in the neighborhood often played together at the exact spot where the boy was hit by the car.

VA State Police provided some sage advice that all drivers should follow. “Just use caution and if you see kids playing in the yard, take your time and just be aware of your surroundings,” said John Abbott, a VA State Trooper.

No charges have been filed against the at-fault driver, but that could change as more information comes to light about this accident. But right now, our thoughts should remain on the young boy making it through this awful ordeal.