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15 Norfolk Elementary School Kids Injured in Bus Crash

VA bus accident injury attorneysSeventeen people, 15 children and two adults, sought hospital treatment after the Norfolk elementary school bus in which they were riding ran off the road in Virginia Beach, VA.  The injured kids and chaperones were returning from a field trip to a farm in Pungo when their bus driver lost control on wet pavement on Indian River Road just west of Sumter Drive.

News reports do not include details on why the bus driver ran into the roadside ditch. The bus operator may have been speeding or distracted, or a mechanical problem may have made keeping the bus under control on rain-slicked pavement difficult.  The small bit of good news following the accident came from an announcement that each of the crash victims was released from Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital before nightfall. The emergency room bills may still run into the thousands for each person, however.

If the completed investigation into the Ingleside Elementary School bus wreck reveals that the crash could have been avoided by greater caution or proper maintenance, the school system could have responsibility for compensating the families of the children hurt, as well the adults who got hospitalized. Schools that put students on buses have a high duty to ensure those children's health and safety in transit. Failing to meet that duty constitutes negligence that makes a school liable for settling personal injury insurance claims and paying damages.


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