A 16-year-old bike rider was hit and killed by a Chevrolet pickup truck in Lenoir, North Carolina (NC), according to wbtv.com.

The details of what exactly happened are still under investigation. At this time, no charges have been brought against the pickup truck driver.

This was the second fatal biking accident in just one week to occur in NC. 

In 2007, nearly 700 bike riders lost their lives in the United States and 15 percent of those killed were 16 years old or younger. Furthermore, 44,000 bike riders suffered serious injuries like a broken neck, shattered pelvis, traumatic brain injury, etc. In 2008, 32 bike riders were killed in North Carolina which is a 56 percent increase from 2007, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

As the weather warms and people finally get to enjoy the outdoors, we need to look out for each other. It is important that bike riders wear proper safety equipment and remain vigilant when riding. Drivers should also keep an eye out for bike riders and pedestrians. When possible, slow down and give them a little extra room.