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2 Aggressive Drivers Blamed for I-95 Wreck That Hospitalized 4

A four-vehicle chain-reaction crash on I-95 through Stafford County, Virginia (VA), on the morning of November 12, 2016, sent four people to hospitals with injuries. A Virginia state trooper who had been conducting a speeding stop on the shoulder was among the innocent victims.



The crash started when a pickup truck struck an SUV while changing lanes. The SUV spun off the side of the road and struck the trooper's cruiser. The cruiser was then pushed into the vehicle of the driver who had been stopped earlier. A passenger and driver in the SUV, the trooper and the suspected speeder sustained serious, but not-life-threatening, injuries.

Reports on the incident indicate that both people driving the pickup truck and the SUV were acting aggressively as they passed the interstate exit to Falmouth, VA. A preliminary police reports notes that the drivers were involved in either a race or a road rage incident. An unsafe lane change created the initial collision. Both drivers now face reckless driving charges.

When more than one driver is found to have recklessly caused a crash with injuries, the injured people have grounds for filing insurance claims against each at-fault driver. Dealing with more than one insurance company at the same time is difficult and confusing, though. Working with a dedicated Virginia personal injury lawyer will help the individuals injured in this Northern Virgia wreck navigate different processes to receive fair settlements.


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