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2 Critically Injured in Elizabeth City, NC Head-On

Two cars and a pickup truck were involved in a chain-reaction crash in Elizabeth City, North Carolina (NC), on the evening of October 18, 2015. The incident began at around 7 pm with a head-on collision between a Honda sedan and a Ford Crown Victoria. Those vehicles spun out from the force of the impact, and one struck a nearby pickup. The driver and passenger in the Honda sustained injuries that were initially considered life-threatening, and the people in the other car and pickup suffered less serious injuries.



A report from WAVY-TV 10 notes that police believe alcohol played a role in causing the man behind the wheel of the Honda to cross the center line of Hughes Boulevard/U.S. 17 Business near the intersection with Anderson Street and strike the Ford. Charges for driving under the influence are pending, and the at-fault driver may be cited for committing other traffic violations.

Driving drunk puts people at particular risk for leaving their lane because alcohol slows reflexes and impairs vision and mental focus. Intoxicated drivers often fail to notice that they have drifted over a lane marker. When they do register that fact, they prove unable to correct the error. More evidence from chemical tests and an accident reconstruction will be needed to determine whether that scenario played out in Elizabeth City, but my Carolina personal injury law firm colleagues and I have seen the pattern repeat too many times.

No one should drive after drinking too much. While it appears that all the individuals hurt in this alleged DUI crash will survive, the head-on collision probably would not have happened at all if everyone on the road had been sober.


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