2 Drivers Injured in Hampton, VA Car Accident

VA Car Accident Injury Lawyer, The BestA crash between two vehicles in Hampton, Virginia (VA), on the morning of September 25, 2016, sent both drivers to the hospital with injuries. The wreck happened near the intersection of Todds Lane and Winchester Drive, where two lanes of traffic traveling in opposite directions are divided by a double yellow line. It is unclear whether the vehicles collided head on or sideswiped each other, and it also unclear which driver caused the car accident.

One of the cars flipped over, and the driver of that vehicle sustained the most-serious injuries. While it appears that one of the drivers crossed the center line of Todds Lane, police could not immediately determine which person made the error. In such circumstance, both of the injured people could benefit from consulting with an experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer.

As evidence from the crash investigation and preliminary and final accident reports become available, a plaintiff's lawyer will ensure that his client receives all the information and understands what it means. Hiring a legal advisor and representative would also protect an injured driver's rights and interests. Insurance companies often put pressure on car accident victims to make recorded statements within days of a crash, when very little official information is available. Such early, uninformed statements can then be used to deny legitimate claims. When it is known which driver was at fault for causing the crash and injuries in Hampton, that person should be held responsible for providing compensation for medical bills and other harms to the fullest extent possible.


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