2 Hospitalized After Milk Truck Overturns in Newport News

A wreck involving a tanker truck hauling milk, a pickup truck and two cars in Newport News, Virginia (VA), sent to two people in the smaller vehicles to the hospital with serious injuries. The crash happened shortly before 5 pm on December 2, 2016, and the 18-wheeler driver has been charged with reckless driving.



According to police, the truck driver lost control of his rig while exiting I-664 at the intersection of Chestnut Avenue and 41st Street, causing the tanker truck to overturn onto the pickup and cars. Perhaps the milk surged forward when the truck driver braked too suddenly, or maybe the liquid shifted all at once to one side as the truck driver tried to turn from the off ramp. A full investigation will provide answers to such questions, but the preliminary citation for reckless driving indicates that the truck driver made an avoidable error.

That determination makes the tanker truck operator responsible for inflicting injuries on the other people involved in the wreck. Should those injured individuals decide to file insurance claims for medical bills and other damages, they would benefit from speaking with a Virginia personal injury lawyer who has experience handling truck accident cases. Insurance coverage for commercial truck drivers is often complicated, with separate policies covering the driver, the truck, the company that employs the truck driver and the load being transported. Sorting through the details of which policy applies, and even if more than one policy applies, can be difficult without advice and guidance.


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