Two drivers went to the hospital after their SUVs collided in Hampton, Virginia (VA), on the morning of November 28, 2017. The crash happened in the 2000 block of West Mercury Boulevard at the intersection of Power Plant Way and the approach to the on ramp to I-64 West.



First responders from the Hampton Police Department and Fire & Rescue Department received the call about the wreck a little after 10 am. They found one of the vehicles flipped onto its roof, and they needed to cut the woman trapped inside free.

News reports do not include details on the types of injuries the two drivers suffered, but officials said they did not consider either woman’s injuries to be life-threatening.

That bit of good news was tempered by investigators stating that they did not know how the crash occurred. That uncertainty as to which driver was at fault for causing the collision on West Mercury leaves both the victims with hard=to-answer questions about how, when, and where to file insurance claims for personal injuries and vehicle damage.

Such difficulties arise from many crashes in Hampton. During 2015, the last year for which complete data are available, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles recorded 2,903 crashes in Hampton, resulting in 8 deaths and 1,811 injuries. Each of those wrecks provided grounds for victims to seek compensation and damages from an at-fault driver. Exercising that legal right, however, requires knowing how and why the collision happened.

Both the woman who became entrapped in the rolled over SUV and the other driver could benefit from consulting with a Virginia personal injury lawyer who has experience helping victims of crashes in Hampton. Investigations into wrecks with no immediately clear causes can last weeks or months before reaching a conclusion over which driver acted negligently and inflicted harm on someone else.

A plaintiff’s attorney will keep his client fully up to date on the findings from the ongoing investigations and also deal with representatives from insurance companies who may apply pressure to accept quick and inadequate settlements. A personal injury lawyer will also have resources to conduct an independent investigation that may reveal overlooked evidence or cast previously accepted facts in a new light.

My Virginia Beach-based personal injury law firm colleagues and I hope both the women injured in the wreck at West Mercury and Power Plant Way make full and rapid recoveries.