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2 Passengers Die in North Carolina Crash

Two passengers in a car died and the driver was seriously hurt in a crash after a chase that involved Pinehurst, North Carolina police.

The police department stated that one officer saw the car run a stop sign at Mckenzie and Graham roads on the evening of April 23. The police officer then pulled the car over. He noticed that the driver was fidgeting in the car and he then took off.

During the chase, the car hit a trailer that a truck was towing. The officer stopped to make sure the truck driver was ok. Then, he continued to chase the car on Juniper Lake Road. There he saw that the car had crashed and flipped over on the side of the road.

The driver was flown to a nearby hospital in critical condition, but his two passengers were dead at the scene.

The police stated that alcohol may have been a factor in the wreck.

We are personal injury lawyers in Virginia and we have seen the tragic consequences of people who drink and drive, as may have occurred in the above case.

Statistics tell us that more than 11,000 people die in drunk driving incidents every year. About 1.5 million people are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs each year. Further, about 4500 teens are killed every year in drunk driving accidents.

The above statistics show that drunk driving is a serious problem on our roads. That is why we only represent the victims of drunk driving – never the driver himself. We often file civil lawsuits against convicted drunk drivers to secure financial justice for the injured and deceased and their families in these tragic cases.


We send our condolences to the families of the passengers killed in this case.

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