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25 Injured in North Carolina Truck, School Bus Wreck

Twenty-four children from a school bus and the pickup truck driver wo cased an accident between the vehicles are being treated for injuries in Carteret County, North Carolina (NC). The wreck occurred at Professional Park Driver and Troon Way around 3:45 pm, when the man ran a stop sign. Sources say the truck driver has been charged for running the stop sign but that he claims his brakes failed.

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This is a very scary story for any parent. We put our children on the school bus each day with the hope that they'll be safe on the road. School bus safety statistics are generally very good, despite the fact that most school buses do not include seat belts for students. Still, the sheer size of a school bus usually protects any passengers from too much harm. Accidents like this one rarely cause so many injuries, which only hints at the danger these passengers faced.

The 24 students who escaped with injuries should not have to suffer this way because someone ran a stop sign. Even if the truck driver's claims about brake failure are true, it is still tragic that so man young children were hurt. The accident report and investigation will reveal what really happened. We can only hope that this accident didn't cause any serious or permanent injuries.


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