$25 Million Returned to Repairman With Mesothelioma

A $25 million jury award was recently given to a retired brake repairman against carmaker DaimlerChrysler due to a lawsuit filed over mesothelioma in New York (NY).

DaimlerChrysler was ordered to pay $20 million to Alfred D'Ulisse, and another $5 million to his wife. In the 2006 case, the manufacturer was found 10 percent at fault in the asbestos-related illness of the victim, who alleged he was exposed to asbestos when he worked in an auto repair shop in Brooklyn from 1960 to 1964. He was also employed there part-time during some of his 36 years as a police officer.

D'Ulisse was later diagnosed with lung cancer due to the asbestos exposure, and had to have his right lung removed. The attorney for the plaintiff argued that the defendant failed to warn and protect the repairman when he dealt with their asbestos-containing products.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance, but when it is destroyed or disturbed by repair, remodeling, or demolition activities, its fibers can be released into the air and inhaled. These fibers can fester in the lungs for decades, causing significant health problems.

We are glad that the jury did the right thing in this case and returned a verdict that was fair and just to the victim and his family. Manufacturers have a responsibility to see that their products do not cause harm to the public, especially when it comes to deadly asbestos-related diseases. These are truly horrific conditions which rob victims of years of life, as well as quality of life.

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