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29 Hurt When Greyhound Bus Runs Off I-85 Near Lexington, NC

More than half of the people aboard a Greyhound bus traveling from Atlanta to New York City suffered injuries when the bus ran off of I-85 in North Carolina and collided with a stand of trees. The accident occurred on I-85 near the interchange with U.S. 64 between Lexington and Thomasville, NC.



According NC state troopers cited in news reports, the wreck began at around 10 pm on August 25, 2015, when the bus driver struck a large piece of metal that was lying in the roadway. The object damaged a tire, which ruptured. The blowout caused the driver to lose control and careen across the shoulder and own an embankment.

All 29 of the injured passengers are expected to recover. No information was provided on whether the bus driver will face charges in relation to the crash or how the piece of metal wound up in the path of the bus. If investigators can determine that the object broke free from an unsecured load in a commercial  truck or broke free from a towed trailer, those responsible for leaving debris on the road could also face legal consequences and civil liability.

Interstate bus crashes often result in fatalities because the vehicles overturn easily and passengers rarely wear seatbelts. Neither worst-case scenario played out in this North Carolina wreck, but the dangers surely existed. The other risk highlighted by this wreck is the one created by negligent haulers who allow the materials they transport to become potentially deadly obstacles. In addition to ensuring each load is secured as safely as possible before hitting the highway, drivers who spot objects flying out of their truck's bed or trailer should do what they can to clear the items from the paths of following vehicles. Because clearing debris from an interstate is not always possible without endangering even more lives, securing loads in the first place has be to be a priority.


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