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3 Die in Raleigh in Scaffolding Accident

Three construction workers died on Monday in Raleigh, NC when a section of scaffolding collapsed on a high-rise construction project downtown.

According to Jeffrey Hammerstein, community outreach chief for Wake County EMS, the three men died at the Charter Square building, a glass and steel structure that was undergoing renovations. It appeared that a section of the scaffolding had somehow peeled away from the building and fell into the parking lot below.

The three workers died at the scene. A fourth was taken to a nearby hospital in serious condition.

According to a witness, he heard a noise and he ran outside and looked up at the scaffolding. He saw that three of the men were wearing safety harnesses. He thought they all were safely attached to the scaffolding. But then the entire structure peeled away from the building and fell to the ground.

Police said that one of the scaffolding tracks had snapped off and fallen several stories to the ground.

The NC Department of Labor states that the construction industry accounts for almost 50% of workplace deaths in the state.

We are active personal injury lawyers on construction accidents in North Carolina. We are familiar with that above NC Department of Labor report. It notes that 44 people died on the job in the state in 2014, almost double the number from 2013. The construction industry accounted for a whopping 19 of those deaths.


The report showed that many of the construction deaths occurred on the workers’ first day on the job. This is a common indicator that there is insufficient worker training.


Our wrongful death law firm has worked on many cases involving workplace accidents, and we know they often occur because of safety violations by the companies involved. If you or someone you love has been injured in such an accident, you deserve to have your legal rights properly represented. You could be entitled to damages from the liable company, including pain and suffering, lost wages, punitive damages and more.

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