Killing three teen girls, a train struck them on a Melbourne, Florida bridge where they had little time to react and nowhere to go in order to get out of its path. This is certainly a tragic accident that should not of happened. Although we did not know the girls involved in this railroad accident, our hearts go out to the family and friends of the victims in their time of grief.

It was further reported that another teenager had made it out of the way only to watch in horror to see his friends die right before his eyes. Police at the scene say the teens were taking a shortcut back from a popular downtown area of Melbourne, Fla that night.  It is a shame that these children were able to access such a dangerous area and it seems they may have not been alerted in time to get completely out of the way.

Certainly, it did seem that the girls did not have enough time. An official investigation is under way as we speak.  Although most people know not to walk along train tracks or cross the bridges on foot, train companies are required to follow basic safety protocol especially in highly populated areas such as where this looks like it occurred.

Those familiar with the teen’s family mentioned that their parents had dropped them off earlier that night at the mall having no idea that they would out later about this tragic event happening no where near the where they dropped them off. Little did these teens know that what seemed like just having fun and goofing off would turn into such a terrible event that will forever be etched in their family’s mind.

Research shows that the track is  owned by the Florida East Coast Railway, which operates about 350 miles of track along the state’s east coast. There has been no official comment by the railway authorities.