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30,000 Asbestosis Lawsuits Dismissed in TX

More than 30,000 asbestosis lawsuits were dismissed last week from a multidistrict litigation in TX because the plaintiffs were unable to prove their breathing disability. Asbestosis is a serious and progressive lung disease related to asbestos exposure. It, as well as mesothelioma (a deadly cancer that forms in the lung lining) can take many years to appear after the person is exposed to asbestos.

Plaintiffs in the Texas cases filed lawsuits against several defendants, alleging that they were not warned about the dangers of asbestos exposure in their jobs. In these cases, the judge dismissed the cases, noting that Texas Senate Bill 15 mandates that asbestos plaintiffs to include a medical report with their legal claim. The plaintiffs whose cases were dismissed may refile with a medical report.

Lawsuits are often filed across the US against a variety of companies, alleging that workers were exposed years ago to asbestos and were either not warned or were not given adequate protection from the danger. The EPA has stated that asbestosis and mesothelioma are all related to asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma cases are complicated, and our team of personal injury attorneys has a lot of experience in settling these cases in the railroad industry. Railroad companies started to use asbestos in their trains more than a century ago. They found that the insulation helped to protect trains from the heat of the engines. \Unfortunately, asbestos causes mesothelioma in train workers, and they were exposed for many years. Asbestos exposure is mostly invisible, and most workers never had any knowledge they were being exposed to the dangerous fibers in their work.

To prove these complex cases in court, our law firm knows how to show that railroad asbestos harmed workers. We use expert witnesses from the railroad industry who know how the industry failed to remove asbestos from trains and related machinery.

We also use safety experts who can explain to judges and where asbestos was located and how the worker could have been exposed. Also, we may call in doctors who have experience in treating mesothelioma and asbestos exposure. Our years of experience in these cases ensures that our clients have an excellent chance to do well in any asbestos exposure litigation.

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