$30,000 Awarded by Va Beach Jury for Car Wreck injury Victim | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Car Wreck Lawyer Jim Lewis secured a $30,000 jury award for a client who suffered whiplash injuries after getting hit from behind by a car on Independence Boulevard in Virginia Beach, VA. 

Jim’s client had to spend approximately $3,500 for chiropractic care over a two‑month period. The insurance companies involved in the case refused to make reasonable offers. For example, the companies only offered Jim’s client $5,000, which he rejected. 

Jim filed a lawsuit on our client’s behalf in the Virginia Beach Circuit Court and the case went forward to a jury trial. Jim brought his client’s chiropractor to the courtroom on videotape. However, Jim brought his physical therapist live to talk, face to face, to the jury about the injuries his client received and the treatments that were provided to cure those injuries. This testimony was a tremendous help and probably contributed to the jury arriving at a $30,000 award for Jim’s client.