What happened:

Thirty-nine people were injured, three of them critically, when the chartered bus they were in slammed into a Boston bridge on Soldier’s Field Road. The bus, from Pennsylvania, had 42 passengers, mostly high school students with several adult chaperones. They were brought to Boston by the Destined For A Dream Foundation to take a tour of Harvard University. 

Boston firefighters needed to remove the roof of the bus to remove injured passengers. Four people were trapped on the bus for over an hour. Firefighters stood atop the bus, part of its roof crumpled, and used boards to extract passengers. The most critically injured passengers were taken to Boston Medical Center and Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

According to Massachusetts State Police, the bus was heading inbound when the top of it caught the bridge. Police say the height of the bridge was clearly marked but said the driver, who was not injured, “did not see the warning sign indicating the height of the bridge.” Confused as to his location, he told police that he was looked down at his GPS and looked back up and saw the bridge but was too close to avoid hitting it.


The Virginia Injury Lawyer Perspective:   

Authorities say that the chartered bus did not belong on Soldiers Field Road, a major crosstown street where a 10-foot height limit is in place and oversized vehicles are not allowed. They say there are many visible signs warning drivers of the height restriction. The bus driver, who was not injured in the crash, will most likely be cited for the height violation and police are also investigating how long the driver had been driving on the day of the accident, which will determine if more charges will be filed against him.

As Virginia bus accident attorneys, we pay close attention to incidents like this one. Bus accidents caused by driver distraction, like the crash we previously shared with our readers, Greyhound Ordered to Pay $18.79M to Victims of Texas Bus Crash, are unacceptable and avoidable.  

Parents of the victims of this crash should consult with a personal injury attorney to determine what compensation their children may be entitled to for the injuries and other damages received in this accident.


Soldier’s Field Road, Boston MA

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