4 Drivers, Including One Who Fled, Fatally Strike Pedestrian

A Newport News, Virginia (VA), man died after being struck by four vehicles while crossing Jefferson Avenue at Shields Road on the night of June 17, 2016. Three of the drivers remained on the scene, and police continue searching for the fourth who fled the scene.



Investigators did not immediately charge any of the drivers they spoke with for committing traffic violations or causing the pedestrian's death. The intersection where the deadly crash occurred is controlled by stop lights but not marked with crosswalks. A full reconstruction of the collision that includes details from the hit-and-run driver may be needed to determine whether the pedestrian or the drivers had right of way.

The individual who fled before police and EMTs arrived could certainly face criminal charges because Virginia law requires every driver involved in an accident to stayprovide information and render assistance to anyone injured.

Aside from questions of criminal culpability, the family members of the deceased pedestrian need to learn if any drivers aside from the person who left in an attempt to escape responsibility acted negligently. Liability for settling wrongful death insurance claims exists when a driver fails to take all necessary actions to protect the life and health of other people on the road. Failing to watch for a man on foot or failing to stop in time to avoid hitting someone you just saw struck down could constitute negligence. Also, more than one of the drivers could have liability.

Virginia wrongful death attorneys can address the questions that family members have about their options to pursue a claim.


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