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4 Hurt When Lynchburg, VA Transit Bus Sets Off Chain Reaction

Three adults and a child suffered in injuries in a chain-reaction rear-end collision caused by a Greater Lynchburg Transit Company bus in Lynchburg, Virginia (VA), on September 2, 2015. The crash happened at a red light at the intersection of Church Street and 8th Street, and the bus driver was subsequently cited for following too closely.



News reports do not indicate whether the people hurt in the four-vehicle wreck were aboard the transit bus or in the cars struck from behind. However the victims were situated, they may have grounds for filing insurance claims for personal injuries against the bus operator and the transit company. Bus drivers have duties to protect the health of passengers as well as the safety of everyone else sharing the road. At the same time, bus companies have legal responsibilities for ensuring that their employees have the proper equipment, skills, training and temperament to drive without acting negligently or recklessly.

Rear-end collisions often occur when a driver approaching a slowing or stopped vehicle has become distracted and fails to notice the change in traffic patterns. Malfunctioning brakes and going too fast for conditions also account for many rear-enders. Each possible explanation for the crash in Lynchburg that sent four people to the hospital for treatment of injuries could stem from the bus driver's and bus company's actions or failures to act.

Sorting through such issues and holding a public transit agency accountable for causing harms can be difficult. The injured victims may want to consider consulting with a Virginia personal injury lawyer who has experience handling bus crash cases to ensure their rights and interests are adequately protected.  


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