Two drivers died and a preschool-aged child went to the hospital with serious injuries after a pickup truck and a passenger car collided on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The doubly fatal collision happened shortly before noon on March 25, 2022.

Local emergency personnel and troopers from the North Carolina Highway Patrol responded to reports of the crash in the 9000 block of Caratoke Highway/NC 168. They found the heavily damaged vehicles between Doris Lane and Parkers Landing Drive in the Point Harbor community.

According to investigators, the pickup driven by a 55 year old from Emporia, Virginia (VA), crashed with a Nissan driven by a 72 year old from Manteo, NC. The child, who a witness described as being 4 years old, was a passenger in the Nissan.


The cause of the crash remained undetermined as investigators continued collecting evidence. The only details made publicly available confirm that both drivers died at the scene and that the injured child was flown by helicopter to Norfolk for lifesaving treatment at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters.

Answers for the Toughest Questions Exist

Having helped many victims of car and truck crashes in Currituck County, my personal injury and wrongful death law firm colleagues and I know every case feels overwhelming to the people involved. And the legal questions raised by the fatal collision on Caratoke County will look more unanswerable than most.

Both drivers lost their lives. Do car insurance policies remain in effect when the policyholders die in crashes?

Law enforcement officials could not immediately determine fault and liability for settling insurance claims. How can family members learn the results of the crash investigation when it does wrap up? And what happens if investigators do not name one driver as principally or entirely at fault?

The one surviving victim is too young to advocate for themselves when it comes to having medical bills paid and pain and suffering compensated. Who represents the child’s interests when dealing with insurance claims adjusters or going to court?

Very briefly:

  • Yes, insurance policies stay active until all legitimate claims are resolved.
  • Completing an online form permits authorized individuals to request copies of official crash investigation reports. Such authorized individuals include family members of victims and lawyers for victims.
  • The crash report does not constitute not the final word on a driver’s fault and liability. An independent investigation commissioned by a plaintiff’s attorney could turn up new evidence.
  • Even if neither driver has a strong wrongful death claim, the severely injured child will have grounds to file insurance claims.
  • The child’s parents or legal guardian can act on the child’s behalf in all matters.

We wish the young child hurt in this crash on the Outer Banks a full and rapid return to health.