When there’s a winter storm in the Carolinas, there appears to be an invariable spike in automobile accidents. During our recent blizzard in the Carolina region, 400 auto wrecks occurred in the Charlotte, NC metro area,according to the Charlotte Observer.

winter, weather, black ice, car, accident, wreck, crash, injury, attorneySnow walloped roads in portions of the Greensboro and Winston-Salem areas along with Durham, North Carolina (NC). Considering North Carolina averages 7.6 inches of snow per year, this winter storm (which produced over 6 inches in many areas in one day) overwhelmed many Carolinians and the high number of car accidents provides evidence.

The driving conditions are especially harrowing in the mountains and foothills. You certainly don’t want to suffer a serious injury from a car wreck in these areas since getting to a hospital for medical attention can be challenging in bad weather. 

It’s not surprising so many crashes took place since there was a volatile mixture of snow and black ice on the roads. Black ice is virtually transparent so you don’t know you’ve encountered it until your vehicle spins out of control on the road and you wind up in the hospital with a serious injury from a major accident.

Our firm has written about the dangers or serious injuries associated with black ice and other winter weather threats. We recommend you don’t drive in the midst of a winter snow storm, but if you have to brave the wintery weather, be sure you have good tires (appropriate tread) and here are some other  winter driving safety tips

  • Drive defensively and remain calm
  • If you get caught in the snow or freezing rain, take your time
  • Do not speed (go at least 10 miles under the speed limit)
  • Don’t panic if someone stops suddenly in front of you
  • Don’t hit the brakes suddenly
  • Place chains on your tires if the snow is thick and abundant on the roads