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500,000 Americans are Dying Each Year from Misdiagnosis and Medical Errors

If you found out that three jumbo jets were crashing every day of the year and killing everyone aboard, would you ever get on an airplane again?  Probably not.  While jumbo jets are not crashing, 500,000 Americans are dying each year from medical malpractice which is the equivalent number of lives lost if all those planes did crash. The number one cause of all these deaths is misdiagnosis.  It’s the most frequent, most severe, and most costly of medical mistakes in malpractice suits that result in payments to patients and families,” says Dr. Newman-Toker who studies doctor errors. 

It seems many people will accept medical malpractice myths that tout higher health care costs and doctors fleeing the industry but not many people are aware of the deaths of nearly half a million Americans a year.  As Virginia (VA) medical malpractice lawyers we haven’t seen public outrage or plans to change a system that allows too many to die unnecessarily mostly because of the misinformation insurance companies give the public and lawmakers.  The medical profession seems largely immune to the consequences of its errors unless a medical malpractice claim is filed.  As Virginia (VA) medical malpractice lawyers we are dedicated to educating and working with clients that have been harmed by medical mistakes and errors.  Our team of Virginia Beach & Norfolk medical malpractice attorneys had published two downloadable guides that are accessible by the general public.

{Click here to learn about a cancer misdiagnosis that almost cost a man his life}

Our firm, Shapiro & Appleton gets lots of calls about medical malpractice claims that arise from a doctor’s misdiagnosis of a serious medical condition.  Misdiagnosis occurs when the physician doesn’t realize that the patient has a particular medical problem and sends them home with the wrong diagnosis and the wrong treatment plan. Sometimes, the patient may die or suffer some other catastrophic injury like the loss of fingers or other amputation because they did not get the necessary medical treatment in a timely fashion.


Our past case results include a $700,000 jury verdict in a failure to diagnose case involving a 56-year-old retired FBI agent who reported to his family doctor with a 3-day history of chest pains radiating into his jaw together with intermittent visual disturbance.  His family doctor sent him to the emergency room.  The emergency room physician released the plaintiff from the emergency room with an appointment with an ENT doctor and conducted no diagnostic test. Four days later, our client died at his home of a dissecting aortic aneurysm.


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