6 Children and 2 Adults Injured in Two Car Collision at Sneads Ferry | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A major collision occurred Saturday evening that has injured six children and two adults were injured in a rear-end collision on N.C. 210. The injuries sustained by all involved are still unknown as of this writing according to the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

The two vehicle car crash happened when an Isuzu Rodeo rear-ended a Mercedes car at approximately 60 mph.  The collision occurred near Rick’s Restaurant, located at 510 Pete’s Way in Sneads Ferry, said Trooper MT Jones.

The accident required all eight victims to be transported to the Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital immediately following the wreck. The collision closed down highway N.C. 210 until 8p.m. that day.

Our thoughts and concerns go out to those involved in this traffic accident. We wish everyone, especially the children a speedy recovery from their injuries.  As a personal injury lawyer we see the results of car accidents on almost a daily basis. One thing is for certain accidents and their corresponding injuries do not always follow logic.

For instance, speed is not necessarily a contributing factor to most car accident injuries as they can be caused by a vehicle going as slow as 5mph. What usually contributes more often to most car accidents are the sudden impact of the collision and the instinctive stamp on the brakes that put the body under unnatural force and so cause the damage to the neck, often referred to as whiplash.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, hopefully you’ll have walked away free from harm. However, the sad fact is that even the most minor of bumps often results in some degree of injury, maybe only whiplash or cuts and bruises, but injury nevertheless.