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80% of Accidents Related to Distracted Driving, New Report Shows

A new report by Triple A (AAA) has shown that distracted driving is a huge factor in car crashes occurring in Virginia, according Almost 20% of drivers reported that they text while driving, and AAA’s research showed that up to 80% of accidents in Virginia are related in some way to distracted driving. The report also showed that 42% of those who admitted texting and driving at the same time have had either an accident or a close call. 75% of those surveyed also claimed they are aware of the problem of distracted driving.

We have reported on distracted driving many times; the problem is widespread and appears to be getting worse over time. Recently we wrote on the dangerous trend of teenagers who text while driving; we have also been aware of the high incidences of distracted driving both in Virginia and nationwide. Distractions are hazards even for non-automobile motorists; last month we reported on a pilot who was texting while flying a medical helicopter; the helicopter subsequently crashed.

All drivers should be aware of what constitutes distracted driving, and how to avoid it. The personal injury lawyers at our Virginia-based law firm have written an in-depth guide to distracted driving; you can click here to download it for free. The guide  contains explanations of common “DD” factors, as well as helpful info relating to distracted driving laws in various states.

As well, you should be aware of the laws within your own particular state regarding distracted driving and texting while driving. Our personal injury lawyers have written on the newest Virginia law that makes texting while driving a primary offense; follow the link to read about it. The behavior’s being a primary offense means police officers can pull you over if they see you texting while driving; previously, they could only pull you over for another infraction and then cite you for text messaging behind the wheel.

For a broader overview of the facts and laws regarding Virginia car accidents, click here to download the free book “Best Guide to Car Accidents in Virginia,” written by our personal injury attorneys.

For other questions or concerns, you can look at our FAQs, which contain many questions answered by the personal injury lawyers at our law firm.



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