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9 Hospitalized After Martinsville Speedway Parking Lot Crash

Nearly two dozen people leaving the Goody's Fast Relief 500 NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway on October 30, 2016, suffered injuries when an out-of-control car slammed into them in a handicap parking lot. Nine of the pedestrians went to hospitals for medical treatment. The other 13 injured people received treatment at the scene of the wreck.



State police and eyewitness reports indicated the at-fault driver spun into the crowd after clipping a Jeep while trying to cut into the line of cars trying to exit the lot. Investigators said the car's driver did not appear to be impaired by alcohol, but they also declared that they intend to file charges. Possible offenses include failing to yield right of way, reckless driving and inflicting injuries while operating a motor vehicle.

Whatever actions police take, the most badly injured pedestrians likely have grounds for filing personal injury insurance claims against the driver who hit them. The at-fault driver was at least negligent in not waiting his turn to merge into traffic. Failing to keep the car under control after making contact with the Jeep could be considered reckless. Both provable negligence and reckless behavior make a driver responsible for paying compensation and damages to people they hurt.

Consulting with a Virginia personal injury lawyer will help the injured pedestrians understand their rights and options for filing insurance claims. Seeking legal advice and representation in this case would also help the victims understand what they can do when the total value of the multiple claims exceed the limits of the driver's collision and liability coverage


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