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9-Year-Old Killed by Drunk Driver in North Charleston

A man faces multiple drunk driving and felony homicide charges for causing a multivehicle wreck in the city of North Charleston, South Carolina (SC), on the evening of October 22, 2016. The deadly crash happened at the interchange between I-26 and Cosgrove Avenue. 



The deceased victim was a 9-year-old girl. Another five innocent people went to hospitals with serious injuries. Among the charges police filed the day after the fatal collision were several counts of inflicting injuries while driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless homicide and causing a death while operating a motor vehicle.

Drunk and reckless driving are obviously criminal offense. If the evidence collected by police show that the accused driver was too impaired by alcohol to exercise the care and caution necessary to protect other people from getting injured and killed, the man should face penalties like jail time and high fines. Getting drunk and driving recklessly would also make the man responsible for paying compensation to the people he harmed.

In addition to settling insurance claims for medical expenses for the injured survivors, the at-fault driving would be liable for wrongful death claims filed by the family of the girl who lost her life. Acting recklessly would also expose the drunk driver to punitive damages, which are noncriminal fines. Speaking with an experienced Carolina personal injury and wrongful death attorney would help all the people harmed by this wreck understand their legal options.


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