With the holiday season comes parties, nights out on the town with friends, and celebrations with family. It is no surprise then that half of all holiday driving accidents involve drunk driving and alcohol. Now, AAA is hoping to keep our local roads safer by providing free rides home for intoxicated drivers. The company will also provide free towing to return vehicles to the drivers’ residences.

“Tow to Go” services are available now through 6 am on January 1. The service is limited to intoxicated drivers, not friends or passengers.¬†AAA says it will provide a one-time, one-way ride. Reservations are not accepted, and the service is limited to the Hampton Roads area. AAA membership is not required. So if you’re considering having a few drinks tonight, remember to tuck this number into your wallet: (757) 631-1700.

This is the eighth year AAA has offered Tow to Go. As a car accident attorney, I applaud them for graciously providing this service to the community. If they can keep even one drunk driver off the road, the entire community will be safer.

The reality is that holidays and drunk driving are unfortunately linked. More than 11,000 people are killed each year because of drunk drivers, and approximately 4,500 of them are teenagers. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 30 percent of people will be involved in a car wreck involving alcohol in their lifetime. Shockingly, the average person caught driving drunk has driven under the influence about 100 times before they were convicted. Statistics like these make us all the more thankful for AAA’s services this holiday season.