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Access to Virginia Traffic Accident Database Expanded

A new and expanding online database for Virginia traffic accident information is now online and will soon be available for public access. Developed by Virginia's Department of Motor Vehicles and funded with federal highway safety money, the Traffic Records Electronic Data System (TREDS) provides web surfers with 150 pieces of information for every accident reported in the state.

TREDS, which launched in 2009, is saving the state millions of dollars in data-processing labor, as well as significantly speeding up the process of analyzing traffic accident information. The DMV hopes that the new and improved TREDS system will help officials to better spot dangerous trends, problem intersections and other patterns in state crashes.

Officials also hope that expanding access to the online traffic accident database will help everyone -- from Virginia residents to researchers -- better understand how and why crashes take place throughout the state. Citizens can now access a wide range of data, including alcohol-related crash information, date-specific crashes, crash fatalities and injuries charts, and crashes by crash type.

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