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Accident Involving Bicycle in Wilmington Results in Serious Injuries

Jason Eugene Little (WWAY 3 News, 08-28-13) was riding his bicycle to work when his life got turned upside down. He was at the intersection of Dawson Street and 5th Street in Wilmington, North Carolina (NC) when the driver of a van ran a red light at the intersection and crashed into Mr. Little. The impact was reportedly serious enough to send Mr. Little to the hospital. 
The driver of the van was arrested and charged with driving without a license and running a red light.

Here is a news report on this Wilmington bicycle accident:

It's frustrating to read about serious accidents that could have been prevented if a party was more cautious. In this accident, it appears as though it could have been avoided by the van driver simply took their foot off the accelerator and didn't tempt fate by running the red light. Unfortunately, the driver failed to exercise such due care and now an innocent bicyclist is in the hospital with potentially serious injuries. 
The sad fact is that when a bicycle and a vehicle collide, the bicyclist usually bears the brunt of the damage. This is due to the weight differential and the level of exposure to the force of the impact. The consequences are serious - over 670 people lost their lives in bike-related accidents in 2011 and the cost of bike-related accidents is over $4 billion per year, according to the National Safety Council. 
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