We’ve all missed an exit on the highway every now and again. It’s definitely an inconvenience, but not an excuse to take a serious risk and make an illegal turn. Unfortunately, the driver of a Pontiac on Route 288 in Chesterfield, Virginia (VA) made a rash decision and performed an illegal U-turn near Woolridge Road to try and get back to an exit they missed.

While making this illegal turn, the driver ignored oncoming traffic resulting in a tractor trailer slamming directly into the Pontiac. Two people in the car were hurt, as was the driver of the tractor trailer, according to VA Fire News. 

It makes you wonder if the driver of the Pontiac had just been patient and traveled to the next exit to make a legal turn to get back to the missed exit this accident may have been avoided. Instead, the driver is injured and could face serious charges.

Passengers in these types of wrecks may want to consider filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance. This can be a delicate, and sometimes awkward, situation since the driver may be a friend or family member. But remember, you’re not filing the claim solely against the driver. You’re filing a claim against the insurance company. It is not a personal attack against your friend or loved one. You are simply exercising your legal right to obtain compensation to help cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.