An accident on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway claimed the lives of two and left another injured, according to The accident occurred between Routes 197 and 198 at approximately 1 a.m. earlier this week when the driver of a vehicle traveling southbound crossed a median and hit two other vehicles traveling in the opposite direction.

The driver and passenger of the vehicle traveling southbound, who were from Herndon, Va., lost their lives in the accident. A person in one of the northbound vehicles hit received non life-threatening injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital. Police say that inclement weather conditions were not a factor in this accident.  

This truly an unfortunate accident and sadly, we do not know the reason as to why it occurred. All we do know is that two people died as a result of colliding with traffic in the opposite direction and another person was injured.

For the person injured in this accident, it may be confusing. What do you do when you have been injured and the at-fault driver is deceased? And for the family of the deceased, it can be an extremely trying and difficult time. While grieving for their loved ones, they may have to deal with the legalities of the accident, including a personal injury lawsuit from the injured occupant.

What many drivers may not know is that they still have rights to a claim, even if the at-fault driver dies in the accident. In most cases, the person injured will file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance and or estate to help cover for lost wages, medical bills, vehicle damage and other expenses. Our firm has experience representing persons injured in accidents similar to this one, and will gladly offer a free consultation, should you or a loved one find yourself in this predicament.