A 1929 Ford Model A was heading east on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) just past the entrance of First Landing State Park when the driver lost control, veered into the median and hit some trees.

Reports indicate that debris from the Model A’s collision with the trees wound up hitting a Dodge Charger that was heading west on Shore Drive. This caused the driver of the Charger to stop and they were rear-ended by a Chevrolet Silverado. This resulted in the Charger spinning out of control and the Silverado to cross the median and slam into a tree, according to the Virginian Pilot.

The ramifications of this wreck? Well, two people had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance and a third victim had to be airlifted to the hospital because of the severity of their injuries. 

The exact details of what caused the driver of the Model A to lose control remain unknown, as of the date of this posting. The accident is being investigated, but police believe that speed was a factor in setting off this chain reaction wreck. 

Unfortunately, for many Virginia Beach residents, hearing about an accident on Shore Drive is not uncommon. Far too many drivers decide to speed down that stretch of road on their way to, or from, the oceanfront. Numerous victims have suffered serious injuries or, even worse, been killed on accidents on Shore Drive.

We all must remember to exercise caution and follow the speed limit.

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