Virginia Beach, VA, is one of the state’s most populated and established cities. Given the high number of residents and tourists in this area, Virginia Beach experiences an increased number of personal injury claims. Cases of accidents are rampant despite the city’s efforts to reduce them. A personal injury attorney will help you pursue the available legal options if you have sustained injuries in a Virginia Beach accident. Note that there is a time limit on when you should file a personal injury claim in Virginia.

Time Cap On Filing Claims in Virginia Beach

When it comes to file personal injury lawsuits, every state has deadlines commonly referred to as “statutes of limitations.” This is the time given to an injured person to file a personal injury claim in an effort to recover damages. In Virginia Beach and the Commonwealth of Virginia, accident victims must file their claim within two years after the day of the accident. The laws are stringent; lateness, even by a few days, will rule you out. While two years seem like a sufficient time for you to file a personal injury claim, it might not be enough if the injuries are catastrophic. The deadline can quickly approach and expire while the victim is still under medical care. You can also be under rehabilitative therapy, meaning you won’t have the physical and mental capacity to file a personal injury claim. 

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you meet the set deadline. The best way to do so is to hire a Virginia Beach personal injury attorney. An attorney will handle all the legal aspects of the case, giving you time to recover. You won’t be physically involved in the process because qualified attorneys know what to do. Attorneys at Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp recommend that you hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible after the accident. This will give the attorney ample time to gather evidence and present a strong case for compensation.

Does Virginia Allow Exceptions on the Two-year Cap?

Many Virginia Beach accident victims wonder if the state allows exceptions to the two-year time limit. The answer is yes. There are two exceptions to the state’s time limit. First, if the accident victim is less than 18 years, they will have two years after their 18th birthday to file a claim. This means that if the accident victim is 16 years old, they have up to four years to file a personal injury claim in Virginia Beach. 

Secondly, Virginia allows extensions to people with certain disabilities to file injury lawsuits after the statute of limitation has expired. The period of extension depends on the circumstances and type of disability. These are the only two cases where Virginia allows an extension on filing personal injury claims. Even if you fall under this category, you shouldn’t always assume that the extension will be available. The defendant can challenge the late filing and affect the chances of compensation. Therefore, the best way to handle such cases is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Getting an attorney in the immediate aftermath of the accident will increase your chances of winning the case. It also gives your attorney enough time to prepare for a legal battle. 

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