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Aggressive Driving in North Carolina

One of the major causes of car accidents in North Carolina is aggressive driving. There are many different behaviors that qualify as aggressive driving, including speeding, tailgating, and road rage incidents. A recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals that approximately 80 percent of all drivers who are on the road admit to at least one episode of expressing aggression, anger, or road rage while they were driving.

The study also found that almost eight million drivers in the United States have engaged in extreme incidents of road rage, including exiting their vehicle to confront another driver or intentionally slamming into another vehicle.

Study Results

The study also discovered other troubling facts about aggressive driving, including:

  • Fifty-one percent, (approximately four million drivers), admitted to purposefully tailgating;
  • Forty-seven percent of drivers, (approximately 95 million drivers), admitted to yelling at another driver;
  • Forty-five percent, (approximately 91 million drivers), admitted to beeping their horn simply to show annoyance or anger;
  • Thirty-three percent (approximately 67 million drivers) admitted to making angry gestures at another driver;
  • Twenty-four percent of drivers, (approximately 49 million), admitted to trying to physically block another vehicle from changing lanes with their own automobile;
  • Twelve percent, (approximately 24 million drivers), admit to cutting off another vehicle on purpose;
  • Four percent of drivers, (approximately 7 million drivers), admit to actually getting out of their vehicle to confront another driver; and
  • Three percent of drivers, (approximately 6 million drivers), admit to bumping or ramming into another vehicle on purpose.

Approximately 90 percent of the drivers surveyed for the study said they believe that aggressive driving poses a risk to their personal safety. Two out of three drivers surveyed think aggressive driving is a bigger problem now than it used to be.

Car Accidents Caused by Aggressive Driving

If you are injured in a car accident caused by an aggressive driver, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim against the other driver. Keep in mind that, under North Carolina injury law, there is a statute of limitation for how long you have to file your claim, so it is important not to delay. Some victims think they need to wait until any criminal charges that may have been filed against the aggressive driver have been adjudicated. Your Carolinas injury attorney can explain how long you have to file your injury claim or lawsuit.

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