Tech. Sgt. Eduardo R. Rivas was traveling down Route 1 in Cary, North Carolina (NC) when his car skid off a wet road. He reportedly got out of the vehicle to check the damage to his car when another vehicle hit him. Unfortunately, he died at the scene of the wreck. Tech Sgt. Rivas was only 33 years old.

Our deepest condolences go out to the Rivas family. The loss of a loved one is devastating, but the pain is made that much worse when the loss is sudden and unexpected. To make matters even worse, Tech Sgt. Rivas was so young and had his whole life ahead of him. 

The tragic incident took place on the northbound side of the road near the U.S. 64 interchange.

Tech Sgt. Rivas was assigned to the 682nd Air Support Operations Squadron, 18th Air Support Operations Group, Air Combat Command, according to He lived in Moore County.

We do not know, at this time, what exactly caused the driver of the car to hit Tech Sgt. Rivas. The newsobserver article mentioned that the vehicle may have hydroplaned, but that does not excuse the driver if they were operating the vehicle at an unreasonable speed, or were distracted.

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