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Alabama Police Plan to Step Up Traffic Tickets After Four Truck Crashes

Authorities in Tuscaloosa, Alabama intend to increase traffic enforcement in a large interstate construction area, after four tractor trailers crashed in only two days.

Interstate traffic was slowed for almost 12 hours yesterday after a tractor trailer flipped over near Cottondale, AL. The truck driver was not hurt. The preliminary investigation indicated that the truck driver was in the right lane, while the construction signs said trucks should be in the left lane.

The speed limit there is 45 MPH, as road crews have been replacing guardrails.

Another wreck happened on the interstate in the same area the day before, involving car drivers that were distracted by another overturned truck.

We frequently see tractor trailers involved in crashes in construction zones, such as this truck crash in a Pennsylvania construction zone in October 2014. We also have worked on personal injury law cases in Virginia involving truck crashes, and are familiar with the dangers of careless driving in construction zones. Highway work zone crashes killed 4700 people around the US in the last five years. It is important for all drivers -  both of cars and trucks – to be very cautious when driving in construction zones.

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