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A campaign has been launched by Alamance County law enforcement and Norfolk Southern Police to educate the community about railroad crossing safety. This campaign is aimed to reduce the number of accidents that occur in the county, since 2007 NCDOT has recorded 18 accidents. The campaign is fueled by the danger that is presented by the high railroad crossing traffic in the area. It is typical for six Amtrak passenger trains and several freight trains to travel across Alamance County daily. The campaign consists of Norfolk Southern Police and local law enforcement handing out safety materials as well as publicly speaking to neighbors, businesses, and school groups. There have also been signs and flyers posted close to railroad crossings.

Here is a news video about the Alamance County railroad crossing safety campaign.

The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

We are all in favor of better railroad crossing safety. However, the railroad’s position is that the motorist is always at fault, even if the railroad is aware that the crossing is dangerous, and the railroad failed to see that lights or gates were erected at the dangerous crossing. There is a major monetary factor in erecting lights and gates, but before you feel sorry for the railroad, be aware that many times the federal government, the state or municipal government, contribute to the cost of protecting a railroad crossing with lights and gates. The railroad even collects from the state or federal government for maintenance of some crossings depending upon the contractual arrangements.

Is it reasonable for a railroad to be aware of a series of close calls or actual accidents or deaths at a railroad crossing, but fail to take action to protect that railroad crossing with modern signals, lights and gates–putting not only motorists, but it’s own railroad crews at risk? Everyone is for safety, but there are simply intersections between highways and railroad crossings that are inherently dangerous because of fast traveling railroad operations. These types of crossings, in busy highway areas, are the kind that must have lights and gates. According to NC DOT there were twelve track trespassing deaths, as well as thirty nine people killed at railroad crossings in the state last year. Statistics show that approximately every two hours a railroad accident occurs in which a pedestrian or vehicle is struck by a train in the United States.

In any accident involving a train it is always wise to have a private consultation with a North Carolina (NC) railroad accident lawyer for legal guidance. Railroad companies are infamous for denying responsibility, especially at railway crossings. This makes the litigation process very complicated. An experienced North Carolina (NC) railroad accident attorney will have their own investigators look at the scene of the accident and acquire evidence to build a strong claim. Having a North Carolina (NC) railroad accident lawyer on your side may help you recover well deserved damages in the midst of all the pain and suffering.

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