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Alcohol Involved in Crash That Caused Indiana University Basketball Star's TBI

Devin Davis, a sophomore forward on the Indiana University basketball team, sustained a traumatic brain injury when a younger teammate hit him just after midnight on November 1, 2014. According to the Indianapolis Star, police charged the 18-year-old driver of the Jeep that struck Davis with OWI, which is the equivalent of driving under the influence of alcohol in states like Virginia.



Davis remained hospitalized throughout the weekend, and the full extent of his head and brain injuries may not be known for some time. The force of the impact was enough to substantially damage the front fender and windshield of the Jeep.

One detail of this pedestrian accident that has drawn attention is that the at-fault driver registered a blood alcohol content of just .025. While that is, indeed, a small degree of measurable intoxication, likely leading to little impairment, it's worth noting that the person behind the wheel is well below the legal drinking age of 21. Also, regardless of inebriation, the collision left the victim with a TBI that could become a lifelong disability.

Every OWI/DUI is serious, as is every car crash involving a pedestrian and each TBI. My Virginia personal injury law firm colleagues and I have seen too many cases in which even seemingly minor collisions involving people on foot have left victims unable to recover fully. We certainly wish Devin the best for returning to full health and his athletic career. Even more, we hope this accident can serve as a lesson to avoid underage drinking, never drive while impaired by alcohol to any extent and always watch for pedestrians. 


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