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Alleged Drunk Driver Caused Gaston, SC Fatal Crash

An alleged drunk driver is being blamed for causing a fatal four-vehicle crash in Lexington County, South Carolina (SC), on the evening of March 7, 2015. According to reports, the driver of a pickup truck rear-ended two motorcycles stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of US 321 and Woodtrail Drive in the town of Gaston. The bikes were pushed forward into a another truck, and one of the motorcyclist died from injuries sustained in the crash. It is unclear whether anyone else got injured.



The man behind the wheel of the pickup who initiated the chain-reaction collision now faces four DUI charges and another count of transporting an open container of alcohol. While details about the apparently at-fault driver's degree of intoxication have not been released, that additional criminal charge indicates the man may have been actively drinking while driving, which is often a combination that sets the stage for tragedy.

Impairment by alcohol slows reaction time, which could explain why the pickup driver ran into the back of the stopped motorcycles. Drunkenness also increases a person's distractibility and likelihood to nod off, both of which are situations that could also have led to the deadly crash. Whatever exact events occurred, the situation almost definitely could have been prevented if the at-fault driver had stayed out of his truck after getting drunk. Because he made the opposite, reckless and irresponsible decision, one life has been taken too soon and the victim's friends and family members must deal with a loss that need not have occurred.


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