Saturday, during the pre-dawn hours, the streets were quiet and empty. Paul Marquedant, 49, was crossing the street while riding a bicycle on Tidewater Drive in Norfolk Virginia, (VA) when he was struck and killed by a car, reports the Virginian-Pilot.  We have reported on other unfortunate bicycle accidents with injuries in the past.

What makes the news of this terrible accident even worse is that the at-fault driver who caused the crash was arrested by police for DUI/driving under the influence.  It really angers me that he made the irresponsible decision to get behind the wheel of a car, with the end result being that another human being is dead—this was a highly preventable tragedy.  Car accidents with injuries caused by DUI, (drunk drivers) are something we are all cctoo familiar with, but some people seem to ignore the safety risks of driving when they know they are drunk. 

We have also represented pedestrians, as vulnerable as cyclists, who have suffered serious injuries in a wide variety of pedestrian-car, or truck cases, some involving drunk drivers. If we can help you or a family member analyze whether your personal injury (whether as a bike rider, pedestrian, or while in a car) was caused by the negligence of a car or truck driver, please contact us.

My condolences go out to the family in this senseless loss of life.  An unexpected death such as this is one of the hardest to deal with.  Our sympathies are with you in this terrible time that every family dreads.