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Ambulance Crash Victim Awarded $117 Million

What Happened:

A jury awarded a victim who was paralyzed, and whose baby suffered injured, in an ambulance accident $117 million. The wreck occurred when the ambulance ran into the back of a sugar cane truck.

The accident occurred two years ago. An Acadian ambulance was transporting a pregnant woman when the wreck occurred. The pregnant mother, as mentioned earlier, was paralyzed and her baby was injured when she eventually gave birth.

The ambulance driver was cited for careless driving, according to

The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

Our firm is glad to see the innocent victim and her child were successful in obtaining compensation through the civil claims process. This accident was truly awful and was caused by the carelessness of a driver who had a responsibility to operate the ambulance with caution and vigilance.

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We fully appreciate just how challenging serious, life-altering injury cases can be to litigate. For example, our firm represented a man who suffered a serious, permanent brain injury after a train derailment. It was not easy, but we were able to obtained a $60 million (with interest) jury verdict for our client.

Potentially Helpful Info:

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If you or a loved one was seriously hurt while pregnant, these FAQs may be of some help.

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